Celebrate The 5 Heartbeats 25th Anniversary With "Choir Boy" Actor Tico Wells

November is the 25th Anniversary  of the classic movie The 5 Heartbeats.
Come celebrate with Actor Tico Wells better known as Choir Boy!!!!!

Meet Michele Wilson Owner Of Ma Michele's Cafe

What do you do when your fondest memories are at your mother’s elbow in the kitchen?  What’s the next

Meet Annette Postell Founder of My Sisters Keeper: Turning Tragedy Into Triumph Through Service

MSK Founder, Annette Postell, Breast Cancer Story

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in August 2005. I can remember the words like it was yesterday. “Blah, Blah, Blah,…tested positive for cancer. Looking at the size of this tumor, we are not very optimistic
With the discovery of how effective social media has become for business, every small business should have a presence on social media. However, how many times have you went to a business page that just has it all wrong?

3 Ways For Entreprenuers To Focus On Their Goals

We have all met the entrepreneur that does a little bit of everything but a lot of nothing. We have all felt overwhelmed with where we are headed professionally. Sometimes it is so easy to get lost in the day to day hustle that we lose focus on what our true goals are. Well when we are faced with

The Man Behind Why The Sun Rises

Our nation's schools sit at a crossroad between our democratic ideals
and the harsh reality that inequity has always existed within
schoolhouse walls. How exactly do we ensure that inner city
children receive an equitable, balanced and rigorous education? This

3 Lessons In Leadership From The Godfather Trilogy

It is no secret that The Godfather Trilogy is one of if not the best collection of movies ever. One thing I have picked up is that it contains many lessons if you pay attention. I often watch over and over